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Peace Sign Pendants Hand Made From the Actual 1969 Woodstock Festival Fence.

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Own a peace of history.
Each pendant includes a certificate of authenticity.  


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James Alexy 1969-1999
Founder of
The 1969 Woodstock festival fence did not keep the crowd out, but served another purpose. We have the 1969 Woodstock Festival fence, and a gate.


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The Original Chain Link Fence from the 1969 Woodstock Festival is taken apart, straightened out, and made into this wonderful product. Each pendant includes a certificate of authenticity.  

On Wednesday, August 13th, 1969, the Woodstock Festival site on Hurd Road & West Shore Road in Bethel, NY was enclosed in Chain Link Fence; the stage was not complete, and food concessions were being built.

    Traffic jam on way to 1969 Woodstock Concert 

There were 20 openings in the fence, and workers were installing gates and turnstiles so tickets could be collected. The festival was scheduled to begin on Friday, August 15th.  By Wednesday evening, August 13th some of the fence had fallen and the gate openings were still unsecured. That evening, 20,000 people were camped on the main field. It was then impossible to get the campers off the field or to sell or collect tickets. Woodstock Ventures made the decision that the festival would be free, and it became one of the most famous music festivals in history.

Joseph Alexy
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These pendants are made from the original 1969 Woodstock Festival Fence

Get your piece of the fence that couldn’t hold back hundreds of thousands of people and history in the making…


Be blessed with peace and the spirit that surrounded the Woodstock Festival fence and kept the calmness in 1969.  

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